I am so pleased to share a short film called “Voices of UMBC” that was made entirely by students in my Fall 2015 graduate seminar, “Language in Diverse Schools and Communities.”

Our goal in making the short film was to celebrate UMBC’s linguistic diversity and to highlight it as a cultural resource. Everyone who helped make the film, as well as everyone who appears in it, is a UMBC student! We are grateful for everyone’s participation.

Response to the film has been tremendously enthusiastic, from students and faculty on campus to linguists who have praised the film as an example of cutting-edge linguistic outreach/engagement work in higher education. The film has already been shared widely, including at the 2016 Linguistic Society of America conference and the 2016 SouthEastern Conference on Linguistics. We hope you enjoy it!

This project was approved by the UMBC Institutional Review Board, Protocol #Y16CM27049. Video production by Rena and Frankie Cerquetti: and