Podcasts Featured as Audio Features in the Journal American Speech

Hon in Baltimore Whole Foods

The podcast “Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!” was published as an audio feature in the fall 2012 issue of the journal American Speech. As the linguist Allan Metcalf noted in this article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, American Speech often publishes articles that are accessible to the general readership, including this audio feature. “In the past year of American Speech, for example, there have been accessible articles on witness depositions in the Salem witch trials, the difference between swearwords and slang, hon as a distinctive feature of Baltimore speech (“Welcome to Baltimore, Hon!”), and whether Utahns really don’t pronounce the “t” in mountain. There are reviews, and a collection of articles on teaching about dialects, and short notes on matters like the etymology of a word. The Baltimore article is actually an ‘audio feature,’ including a link to interviews with residents of the city. Yes, American Speech now includes speech.”


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